Solutions & Services

Aerospace Consultancy Services

We offer aerospace and defense consulting services to help organizations recruit, organize, develop, reskill and maintain a workforce equipped to thrive in rapidly changing client needs. Our aerospace and defense consultants can help you experience sustainable growth by bringing together business, organization and people strategies. We work with you to nurture the talent you have into the talent you need. Putting the right people in the right roles with the right skills and support to deliver. We call it the human dimension of organizational consulting.

Systems Engineering

We perform  aircraft (Aircraft) level system engineering activities (creation of the usage concept, determination/validation of requirements, determination of aircraft functions and assignment to systems, aircraft level verification) in the aircraft project. The company  is also responsible for requirements determination, architecture creation, cost-effectiveness analysis, development, verification and documentation activities, human factor engineering and weight and balance studies regarding the structural systems within the aircraft.

Structural Design Engineering

In the aircraft project, structural design engineering activities at the aircraft (Aircraft), component, assembly, sub-assembly and detail part level (creation of design concepts and carrying out lump-sum studies related to these concepts, design optimization in accordance with the requirements, selection of materials and connectors, appropriate manufacturing method) selection, preparation of 3D models, preparation of technical data package).

Assembly Manufacturing Engineering ​

In the aircraft projects, the final assembly line carries out Manufacturing Engineering activities (Design Approval activities, Manufacturing engineering main activities and Production support activities, etc.). Within the scope of manufacturing engineering main activities, it is responsible for creating BOM (Ball of Product) requirements, determining tool design needs, creating operation cards, tracking and approving engineering changes.

Electrical Wire Harness Engineering

Our dedicated wire harnessing engineering teams leverage their extensive technical experience to meet your installation needs. Whether you need wire harnessing for individual avionics systems or across the complete aircraft, our engineers and support staff will work with you to develop a custom solution that meets all  quality specifications and OEM accepted standards. 

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Tester

ENDUS Thermal Interface Material Tester (TIM-Tester) is the perfect solution for thermal management  optimization  at  purchasing stage of  PADs  that has different thermal conductivities.  Our  approach is consistent with the ASTM D5470 – standard. Thermal interface materials such as  pads  can be tested manually  by applying a pressure of up to 150 Psi (for 50 x 50 mm sample) and Temperature of up to 150°C at the hot side.