Endus Limited

Aerospace Engineering

About Us

ENDUS Limited is mainly focused on aerospace and defense engineering.

Today, the company operates from its head office in METU Techno-polis, ANKARA.

With its focus on establishing long-term relationships with its clients and sustainable minded business solutions  philosophy,  we have highly qualified team of professionals predominately in Aerospace Engineering Programs.

The company’s ability to do business is as follows:

  • Development of new defense, aero-systems and products
  • Platform modification and modernization
  • Local projects integrating capabilities in the Turkish aerospace and defense supply chain.

Unique one shareholding structure ownership gives us an edge over many of our competitors, who have a more anonymous shareholding structure. Profits are not paid out as dividends, but retained for future investments, so we can pursue a long-term counter-cyclical strategy.

Our company philosophy is: Individual and society balance each other. The individual creates but the mass destroys. Only individuals can love and imagine. Society cannot love and imagine. For this reason, every employee in this community is aware that we must be individuals at first.

Solutions & Services

Aerospace Consultancy Services

We offer aerospace and defense consulting services to help organizations recruit, organize, develop, reskill and maintain a workforce equipped to thrive in rapidly changing client needs.

Systems Engineering

We perform aircraft (Aircraft) level system engineering activities (creation of the usage concept, determination/validation of requirements, determination of aircraft functions and assignment to systems, aircraft level verification) in the aircraft project.

Structural Design Engineering

In aircraft structural design, activities include creating concepts, optimizing designs, selecting materials, and preparing 3D models and technical data packages at various levels, from aircraft to detail parts.

Assembly Manufacturing Engineering

In the aircraft projects, the final assembly line carries out Manufacturing Engineering activities (Design Approval activities, Manufacturing engineering main activities and Production support activities, etc.).

Electrical Wire Harness Engineering

Our expert wire harnessing teams provide tailored solutions for avionics systems or complete aircraft installations, meeting quality specifications and OEM standards.

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Tester

ENDUS Thermal Interface Material Tester (TIM-Tester) is the perfect solution for thermal management optimization at purchasing stage of PADs that has different thermal conductivities.